Is it worth filming memories?
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Is it worth filming memories?

Almost every adult knows the problem: you can’t quite remember your childhood. Maybe a few special moments stand out, but who can actually remember their first birthday, their first ride on a pony, their first football game, or their first family holiday?


Early childhood events are rarely stored by the human brain

This phenomenon is called “childhood amnesia.” Psychologist Caroline Miles found that the earliest moments we remember occurred around the age of three. However, this is not because the brain is not yet fully developed. The reason is that words and language help us to recall memories more easily than just images in our brains.

We remember things better after the moment we can speak because memories in linguistic form are more easily stored in our long-term memory. The more words we learn, the better our ability to store information and experiences.

But the first years of life are when we experience so many beautiful and, of course, new things. It is such a pity that most humans cannot remember these experiences.

The more stress and stimuli, the fewer memories stored

However, this problem does not only exist with memories from childhood. Often, we forget events that occurred only a few weeks ago.

In adulthood, sensory overload often takes place. Today’s everyday life is characterized by the pressures of stress and time. As a protective function against overload, our brains classify some experiences as “less important” than others.

These experiences do not enter our long-term memory, and we quickly forget about them. In addition, older events are sometimes overlaid by newer ones, causing older memories to fade.

There’s nothing we can do about this.

Easily create reminder videos

With our wunderflix app, however, it is possible to record important events on video. Multiple events over long periods of time can also be captured with wunderflix. In the end, everything is cut and assembled by our app. The only thing you have to do yourself is film and select the music and filters. In this way, memories can be stored digitally.

Unfortunately, this was not possible in the past. But now, we can collect memories for our children. Memories they can look at again and again. Memories they would not otherwise have been able to remember. In this way, we can preserve a little more of their childhoods.

In addition, you also save a lot of time because you do not have to cut anything yourself. Thus, you have less stress. And let’s face it, we adults already have enough stress

Therefore, go ahead and create beautiful memories for your children so that in their old age, they will still remember the wonderful times you gave them!

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