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Do you want unique video memories?

Dir fehlen die extra Stunden an Zeit

You lack the extra time

Most parents are very busy and do not have time to cut raw material.

You have limited knowledge of editing programs

You have limited knowledge of editing programs

Many parents are not familiar with editing video footage and have no interest in familiarizing themselves with complicated programs.

You don't want to hire external help

You don't want to hire external help

External help costs money, has to be planned, and takes time until the result is in your hands.


Time flies. One more reason to capture your special memories in magical videos!

Children grow so fast. Now is the time to capture the beautiful moments as they learn and experience new things!


With wunderflix, all parents can easily create wonderful videos

Easy to use

We have developed wunderflix so that anyone can create imaginative videos themselves.

Great music selection

Our music is specially designed for family videos. There is something suitable for every occasion!

Done in seconds

Goodbye to long nights spent cutting and editing raw footage! The app cuts your video within seconds. Hello, finished video!


Discover the masterpieces that other parents have created with wunderflix!

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A great birthday party, a weekend getaway, a day with Grandpa, or the development of your baby... these special experiences can be captured in videos, creating memories for life. What moments would you like to capture in a family video?


Let yourself be inspired by wunderflix!

With wunderflix, every mom and dad can create imaginative family videos with an iPhone—easier and faster than ever before. wunderflix is the first video app from parents for parents.

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About us

We are Eve and Babak, the founders of wunderflix. We have always loved to capture unique moments with our friends and family in videos.

In our student days, our passion for memory videos began by filming our lives and painstakingly editing the raw footage. We still love watching these videos and reminiscing.

Meanwhile, we are now parents of three little peanuts and no longer have the time or patience to cut and edit raw footage. We looked for a way to easily and quickly create great videos, but we could not find one. So we founded a start-up and built our own video app: wunderflix!


wunderflix is a video app by parents for parents

The life of a parent is so colorful and eventful. Our vision is to reach parents who love to capture their experiences in videos. We want to make every parent happy by making it possible for them to quickly and easily create family videos themselves with wunderflix — and create memories for life.

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No hassle. Wonderful eternal memories of every day. A must-have for me and my whole family!! I love it 💓


Lake Constance

It was so much fun. It was so easy, especially being able to add music directly and not having to search for a song yourself!



wunderflix is so easy and fast to use! I love to capture our day as a video and send it to my family in the evening. Since we live in different cities/countries, everyone can participate in our everyday lives virtually LIVE.



We love wunderflix! Since we have been using the app, we have the most beautiful memory videos of our family activities ❤️ Carmen from the Black Forest



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