Capturing time in videos on your smartphone forever
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Capturing time in videos on your smartphone forever

The wunderflix app allows you to capture special experiences with your children and bring time to a standstill, at least for a moment. Read on to discover why it seems as if time passes so quickly and how wunderflix can help you.


Time passes faster and faster with age

We all experience so many everyday moments with our children, and that time seems to fly.

Children’s birthday parties, family celebrations, excursions, holidays, the first day of school—the list could go on and on! As you reflect on the last three years, ask yourself this question. Do they feel like 3 whole years, 36 months, or 156 weeks?

And the older you get, the faster time seems to pass. Isn’t that crazy? Isabell Winkler, a psychologist at Chemnitz University of Technology, is a time researcher and has studied this phenomenon.

According to Winkler’s research, we always perceive a period of time as “long” in retrospect if we have many succinct memories within this time.

As we age, we remember things less and less, and it seems that time passes faster and faster.

Stress, routine, and first-time experiences influence our sense of time

Particularly interesting are the influencing factors that shape our sense of time in the course of life. Through the results of many studies, Isabell Winkler was able to identify three influencing factors: stress, routine, and first-time experiences.

A person who is permanently stressed has many thoughts and rarely comes to rest, thus consciously saving and remembering very few experiences. At a certain point in time, a commuter who has been routinely traveling the same distance to work by car for 20 years rarely recognizes the differences between journeys, which makes time seem to pass faster.

On the other hand, an event that you experience for the first time in your life leaves a lasting memory and, thus, seems to have lasted a long time.

Creating and capturing memories for our children

Since our children experience and get to know so many new things in the first years of their lives, they perceive time as passing much more slowly. The British psychologist and author Steve Taylor also came to this conclusion:

“The first time we experience something is always intense. After that, it seems familiar to us. Children experience many things for the first time, while adults are already familiar with most of those things.”

Childhood videos give parents the opportunity to capture this formative and intense time in a child’s life, and also keep it alive.

Therefore, short videos can offer incredible added value for you as parents, as well as for your children. Since the wunderflix app is intuitive and makes creating videos very easy, you don’t have to waste time learning how to use the app. You can start capturing memories and making videos right away.

Time is our friend, not our adversary

Time must therefore never be seen as our opponent but, rather, as an opportunity for us and our children to generate experiences and make beautiful memories.

Time is precious and wonderful, and offers us many new and amazing experiences.

By using wunderflix to capture small excerpts of these experiences, you will not only have valuable memories in your mind, but you will also have a digital product—ensuring that you will never forget past events!

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