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How to capture brilliant memories of your child’s birthday party on video

Your child’s birthday is quickly approaching. Do you want to capture this day? Do you want to create a great birthday video? A memory video for yourself, for the grandparents, or for the guests? Then you’ve come to the right place because with wunderflix, you can easily create your own memory video. And best of all, the video will be ready immediately following the celebration!

A day to remember

A child’s birthday is special every year. We celebrate and honor this day and try to give our child a unique and unforgettable day. We parents become event planners, baking fiends, and decorating queens.


Imagine being able to capture the arrival of the guests, the joy of unwrapping the gifts, the enthusiasm of the singing, the blowing out of the candles, the laughter of the games, the liveliness of the dancing, the excitement of the treasure hunt, the energy of smashing the piñata—all of this in a video you can create yourself.

With wunderflix, you can easily capture all these birthday moments and have a valuable memory video at the end of that very same day.

Without much effort. Without hours of cutting. Without external help.

Simply create the video yourself

Just last week, we attended a children’s birthday party. One of the parents of the birthday child had broken their leg, so I helped them create a birthday video with wunderflix. Throughout the party, I filmed funny moments, happy faces, and eager treasure hunters.

At the end of the party, I briefly reviewed the footage, deleted unwanted scenes, chose suitable music and a filter, and the app did the rest!

Quickly create a video to share with family and friends

Seconds after the party ended, I had a children’s birthday video and was able to share it with all the parents in the birthday party’s WhatsApp group. The excitement was palpable. First, because the video was completed so quickly. And second, because the day could be experienced again.

Children’s birthday parties and wunderflix get along very well. Try it out and film your child’s birthday party with wunderflix. It’s very easy, and everyone will be amazed at the result. The birthday child, especially, will love the memory video. Guaranteed!

Family on the beach

Tap, tap, finish. WOW!

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