How to easily create memorable family videos with your iPhone
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How to easily create memorable family videos with your iPhone

Most of us have always enjoyed capturing memories and documenting our experiences—especially as parents. It’s fun to reminisce with or families years later.

Capturing memories—once upon a slide projector

Life is multifaceted and filled with an abundance of emotions. We revel in the opportunity to record our experiences.

We record these experiences to save the memories, share with family and friends, or interact on social media networks, such as Instagram and Facebook.

It’s comforting to know that we can capture these memories and relive these special moments at a later date, allowing us to experience the incredible emotions of joy and happiness over and over again.

Our parents spent hours handmaking photo albums, cutting and gluing physical photographs of our most important childhood moments, editing video cassettes, or storing old-school slides and slide projectors to ensure that our family holidays and other special occasions would be documented and available to enjoy for years to come.

Nowadays, we can store and access countless photos and videos, right at our fingertips with our mobile phones, and turn them into digital photo books or videos.


Young children—a special phase of life

Are you the parent of young children?

As a parent, you experience the miracle of birth, witness every major and minor developmental step, celebrate every birthday, spend ordinary but beautiful days at home, wave goodbye on the first day of kindergarten, observe as first friendships are formed on the playground, take trips to the lake, hike to the summit of a majestic mountain, visit Grandma and Grandpa, go on vacation…

Your children play, romp, laugh, celebrate, run, dance, jump, sing, create, discover, learn… This bustling time with young children is so challenging for us as parents. Yet at the same time, it’s wonderfully unique.

These are times full of love and fun and endless experiences. In this phase of life, everlasting memories are created.

They are moments that you want to capture and share. For later. For you. For your children.

Create your own family video with music, right on your phone!

Do you want to capture your special family moments? Would you love to have a unique video of your child’s next birthday party?

Or are you dreaming of a video from your family holiday? Not months later, but immediately after the experience?

No storing raw footage for years. No nightly cutting and editing. No appointments with external videographers. And no courses.

It really is as simple as it sounds!

Family on the beach

Tap, tap, finish. WOW!

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