Six tips for beautiful family videos with music
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Six tips for beautiful family videos with music

We have put together six tips to help you capture beautiful family moments and make a great wunderflix video.

With the wunderflix app, you can create your own personal memory video. Read on to discover six tips for successful results.


1. Be prepared

Clean your phone’s lens(es) before you film. You can do this with a cloth, or even with a piece of clothing that you are wearing, because blurry videos are not pleasant to watch. Little effort, lasting effect!

2. Stay stable

Try to avoid wobbles. It is important to keep the phone as still as possible. Therefore, keep your elbows close to your body and hold the mobile phone with both hands. You can also lean or place your mobile phone on a table, chair, or shelf for stability. This produces a stable video that is pleasing to the eye.

3. Don’t miss those unique moments

Have important scenes in mind. When planning a video, think about which scenes are important to you.

In these moments, have your phone ready to film, or give your phone to someone else to film if you are too involved in the action yourself. Once those unique moments pass, they’re gone!

4. Use light cleverly

Pay attention to ambient light in order to get a clear shot of your subjects.

It is best to film with the sunlight at your back so that everything in your shot is optimally illuminated.

Sometimes, however, great effects can also be achieved when filming against the light, resulting in only silhouettes being recognizable or the light refracting in the camera lens. There are no limits to playing with light.

5. Change the angle

A change in perspective can be good—sometimes near, sometimes far!

Change the angle again and again, as this creates visual tension, lightness, and variety. Try filming from below, from above, from the front, from the back, and from the side.

And don’t forget to kneel down and film at your child’s eye level. Creating this connection at eye level conveys emotion much better.

6. Go with the flow!

Try not to play the role of a great director.

When children are instructed and disciplined, the fun and authenticity is quickly lost. Go with the flow, observe, and be patient.

There will be enough moments in everyday life that you can capture!

So go and have fun! Because that’s by far the most important thing in filming. 🎥

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