Emotions & expressions — the wonderful power of videos
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Emotions & expressions — the wonderful power of videos

With the wunderflix app, you can create great memory videos yourself. Read on to discover why videos capture emotions particularly well.


We all know those feelings we experience when watching Hollywood blockbuster movies: an exciting chase that drives up the pulse, a rescue at the last second that makes us breathe a sigh of relief, or the heartwarming outcome of a turbulent love drama that brings tears to our eyes.

These are all examples of how closely the power of films is linked to human emotions.

The overwhelming experience of basic human emotions applies not only to successful Hollywood films but also to short video clips of our everyday lives—those feelings we get when we watch our loved ones experience certain moments and important milestones.

And that’s exactly what wunderflix can offer you!

But when do emotions actually come into play?

The mystery of emotions

We encounter different emotions much more often than we actually realize.

Scientists have found, for example, that humans are not able to make decisions detached from emotions.

We all make countless decisions in our everyday lives: What do I cook for the children today? Which weekend trip would my family enjoy?

Even the evolutionary researcher Darwin tried to get to the bottom of the mystery of emotions. He came to the conclusion in 1872 that certain types of feelings are the same for all people and that other types of feelings are experienced differently by different people.

One hundred years later, the psychologist and emotion researcher Paul Ekman created a scientifically proven catalog of emotions.

Further to Darwin’s findings, Ekman identified the six basic emotions that are experienced by all people: joy, surprise, anger, sadness, contempt, and fear.

With this groundbreaking insight, Ekman became one of the most important and influential emotion researchers of his time.

It is striking that only one of the six basic emotions is clearly positive: joy.

Laughter is contagious!

Joy is a state of happiness. Happiness leads to laughter. And as we all know, laughter is contagious!

The so-called mirror neurons are responsible for this phenomenon. They recognize a visual pattern that corresponds to their own activity stored in the brain. Mirror neurons also recognize this pattern when looking at the facial expressions of another person and transfer, or “mirror”, the feelings back to us.

Consequently, it feels as if we ourselves are experiencing the reason for and the trigger of the emotion.

In a similar manner, these emotions can also be transmitted through videos.

As we watch a wunderflix video and see the joyful eyes of our child as their favorite cake is placed in front of them on their birthday, we experience the same feelings of happiness.

For this reason, videos are considered ideal carriers of emotions.

The influence of music on emotions

And let’s not forget the influence of music! Music also sparks different emotions.

Since videos are audiovisual media, the audio track is just as important as the visual component. Music has a stimulating subconscious effect.

It reinforces already existing feelings and triggers memories.

For years, neuroscientists, psychologists, and evolutionary researchers have studied why certain sounds, melodies, or songs manifest such deep feelings within us.

Since the human brain is very complex, there is, unfortunately, no clear answer.

However, one thing is certain: music works on all levels, directly influencing the area of the brain where emotions are triggered. Music touches us and emphasizes the effect of a video. It also makes visual content appear even more intense, giving the video depth and mood.

That’s why we’re working to provide you with a variety of wunderflix songs that offer you an opportunity to create even more impressive videos for every occasion — a child’s birthday party, a summer holiday, or a family reunion.

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